Farewell, Tumblr! Hi there, WordPress!

We need to talk…

See, it’s not you. It’s me. Actually, it’s mostly your fault. Well, who or what ever is to blame, it just doesn’t work anymore. I’m hereby breaking up with you, Tumblr. I’m sorry. But don’t be too sad. I will leave this blog up to remind you of the good times we had.

Jokes aside

For a number of reasons I decided to migrate this blog to WordPress. Luckily, WordPress has a nice little import feature that will make the transition super smooth and sexy. 

I know, I haven’t been active on this blog for almost a year (*cries internally*), but now I decided to get blogging again. However, from now on, you will find my semi-accurately documented brain-farts on:


I hope to see you guys there!


var introduction = new BlogEntry();

Well hello, stranger!

I figured I should introduce myself since you happened to stumble upon this blog.

The name my dear mama gave me is Alex, friends also know me as “Yeti”. Lucky Goodrich is a pseudonym I came up with during a really boring internship when I was like 18. I’m a 1990-born programmer and software designer in the making. My native language is German and I live in a German speaking country you might know as “Germany” (I know, crazy, right?). However, I’ve always been more of the cosmopolitan type of guy when it comes to presenting myself on the web (Does that make sense? I’m not as good at using big words as I wish I was).

I spend a lot of time playing video games (mostly Nintendo) and watching cartoons (I will never be too old for Adventure Time – Oh, dear Glob, I love it so much). But the hobby I’m most passionate about is programming, hence this blog. My favorite food is whatever I find in the fridge.

While I do have an educational background in the wonderfully messed up world of computer science, I unfortunately could not yet make the passion I have about it my actual profession.

However, I recently mustered all ambition I could possibly find inside my generic nerd/geek body to refine my abilities and skills and all that good stuff and finally get productive.


Off the top of my head, I would name C#, Java, Javascript, Actionscript, PHP and C++ as the languages I’ve worked with over the past few years. But, there is probably more that I can’t remember right now. Every now and then, I’ve found myself experimenting with development tools and stuff. There was a time where I ambitiously created Skyrim Mods for my personal use only (I really should have published them on Steam or something. Stupid me!).

Back in the day, when I was an even more messed up teenager, I used to make games using the good ol’ RPG Maker (ah, the memories, they’re golden) and also Flash. The latter I also created websites with and all that. You know, Flash stuff… One of the tools I recently spend the most time on is – who would’ve thought – Unity3D. (Yes, I have Unity installed on my PC, I’m a professional now :D)

Whatever, I don’t want to make this too long and tell you about my first day at elementary school. Just know, that I set myself the goal to become a professional software/game developer sooner or later. I want to soak in all the knowledge regarding the arts of programming, game design and everything around that. Currently, I am working on an editor extension for Unity that makes it easy for newbies to create tile-based levels. In fact, that one is almost finished (yay!). More about that in future blog entries.

I’m really new to this blogging stuff, so please excuse my noob-esque writing style. There’s probably a lot more I could tell here, but I feel like this should do for now.

Thank you so much for stopping by!

Bonus: Here is a picture of me and Super Mario (well, his voice actor):